Better Yeti

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Rising from the ashes of The Mustache, Better yeti is a funk co-operative from Madison, WI. Started in 2016, the band features the BBQ boys horn section and fun, tongue in cheek lyrics. While the heavily trained musicians are serious about their music, they're main goal is to start a party and have a good time. Catch the Better Yeti before they catch you!

Better Yeti is:

  • Andrew Traverse - Trumpet

  • Jonathan Hoel - Saxophone

  • Steve Radtke - Keyboards

  • Kelvin Kaspar - Guitar

  • Michael Randall - Guitar

  • Eric Ross - Bass

  • Kelby Kryshak - Drums

Frequent collaborators:

  • Guy Weatherspoon - Keyboards and vocals

  • Robin Lee - Vocals

  • Silkworm - Vocals